Air conditioning troubleshooting tips for you home that may save you time and money!

Cooling Your Home

Summertime is hot. You feel like you’re going to melt just as fast as that ice in your glass of tea. Your home can be a hot box and opening the windows and cranking on the fans doesn’t make a cold dent. There is a solution: DK Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration.

We respond fast and work efficiently. Trust us with your air conditioning needs. Be chill. Be cool.

Heating Your Home

No sooner does the summer heat go away do we start complaining about the cold. It’s perfectly natural and totally excusable. It’s no fun to play freeze out in your own home, and sometimes there is such thing as “too many layers.”

Call DK before the winter months hit so we can make sure the heater in your home is working properly. Even though it’s cold outside, you can stay nice, warm and comfy in your castle.

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